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How to get a Hearing Test

Having your hearing checked regularly is an important part of life.  A hearing test, which is also known as an audiogram, helps determine what kind of hearing loss you have by measuring your ability to hear sounds.

1. The first method of getting a hearing test completed is to visit your local Costco or Sams Club.  Most locations have hearing centers and allow you to call in to set an appointment. If you have a membership, the hearing test is free. If you do not have a membership, we recommend that you get one as the cost of membership, approximately $45, is still cheaper than going to an audiologist or an ear, nose and throat specialist. And yes, these companies do sell hearing aids, but they are still priced about 50% higher than the hearing aids sold by Century Hearing Aids. When your test is complete make sure to request a copy of your hearing test.

2. The second method for getting a hearing test is to visit an audiologist or an ear, nose and throat specialist. Make sure to ask your audiologist or specialist ahead of time if they will provide you with the results of your test. Many do not want to. If they don’t, we highly recommend that you utilize one of the previous two methods to get your hearing test done.

*Technically speaking...according to the Department of Human & Health Services, providers and health insurers who comply with HIPPA are required to provide you with a copy of your medical record and other health information....if you request it.  Who must comply?  Doctors, audiologists, nurses, dispensers, pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and many others health care providers, health insurance companies, HMOs, most employer group health plans.  You can also learn more, including how to file a complaint with the US Government at www.hhs.gov/ocr/hipaa/.

Also, while many insurance companies will cover the cost of a hearing test, most do not cover the cost of hearing aids.

Once you have your hearing test in your hands...you are ready to send it to us here....How to Send Us Your Audiogram or learn how to read your audiogram here:  How to Read Your Audiogram

Thank you and have a great day!

People who are in need of hearing aids are faced with a huge problem; hearing aids cost tousands of dollars -- some companies charging $6000--$8000 a pair. In addition, they require alot of work; people often have to go back 2-3 times to get their hearing aids fitted and prepared. We did not see how people could afford to spend thousands of dollars on hearing aids, especially when they are in their retirement years.

We founded Century Hearing Aids to provide tremendous savings to customers while providing the highest quality hearing aids. We sell Private Labeled Hearing Aids from the best hearing aid manufacturers in the world. Our hearing aids offer the same digital technology and features of a $2000+ hearing aid - for 50 to 75% less. We stand behind the quality of the products we sell. We carry Open Fit, Behind the Ear and In the Ear hearing aids.  Thanks for visiting our website!  Cheers, CHA Team