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IN the EAR
for mild to severe hearing loss
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In the Ears are small, ready to wear and offer amazing sound quality. They come with an easy to use volume control and are designed for mild to moderate hearing loss.

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for mild to severe hearing loss
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"Open Fits" are digital, mini behind the ear hearing aids that deliver sound that is clear and precise. Designed for people with mild to severe high frequency hearing loss.

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for severe to profound hearing loss
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Behind the ear hearing aids are larger, offer super power performance and have more features. Designed for people with severe to profound hearing loss.

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How to Save Money on Hearing Aids.....take gander at this chart above - these are the "costs" that go into a hearing aid.  Audiologists serve a local audience so they have to charge higher prices per customer to cover those costs (for example, if they see 1,000 patients a year they pass along fixed costs/1,000 to patients). Century Hearing Aids is an online only store with much lower expenses. We make smaller profits per unit sold because we have access to such a huge market (8 million US customers) and, we can make it up in volume sales.  Come to think of it - that's the American way.  Buying online is a win for the budget conscious shopper - you. 

Pointing Out the Obvious on Hearing Aids

Let's face it.  Hearing loss is a fact of life as we age...it happens to many of us.   If that is you,  think about all the activities your are involved in; family, kids, grandkids, friends, work, sports, food and drinks and travel - even watching TV at home.. Every single activity involves being able to hear well to really enjoy yourself -- especially  for those kids/grandkids to be safe when you are with them.  If you really need hearing aids, do you think your family would want you to go without them?  Don't you want to enjoy your time with your grandkids, family, friends - there is that moment you just do not want to miss  - when your grankids say "I love you".

The Century Hearing Aids Story

Greetings, my name is Jon Stoddard. - I got into the hearing aid industry several years ago because I saw a huge disconnect between the price of hearing aids and the technology inside. Take for example an iPhone--you can buy an iPhone for $300-$500.   (I bought my iPhone 4 for $99) And an iPhone does a 1000s more things: play movies, phone calls, video phone calls, texting, camera, record movies, games, remote for TV, alarm, flashlight, timer, stopwatch, its a personal computer, you can create excel, word, powerpoints, chat..I would go on and on with these new phones - whatever you can think of there’s and app for that.  As opposed to a hearing aid....well, its a device that is designed for one thing, amplify human voices. 

That disconnect is why we launched Century Hearing Aids nearly 5 years ago: to provide tremendous savings to customers while providing the highest quality hearing aids.  We sell Private Labeled Hearing Aids - we do not sell the big 6 brand name hearing aids.  And, We stand behind the quality of the products we sell - with a solid one or two
year manufacturers warranty and Money Back Guarantee.

How has it Worked?
Let me give you a little perspective on our work.  Since 2010 - Century Hearing Aids has:

  • sold nearly 4000 hearing aids
  • helped nearly 2500 people hear better
  • earned a Better Business Bureau "A+" Rating with only 2 issues - one had the wrong phone number
  • helped customers save over $300,000 buying our hearing aids
  • earned over 300 plus Customer 5 - Star Ratings
  • now going into our 5th year of business

Don't take my word for it....
Take a look at what a few of my customers have to say about us:

Our Century Hearing Aids Guarantee - No restrictions, no limitations, no fine print
I am going to make you a guarantee, If you are not 100% completely satisfied with our hearing aids, you can simply return them for a full refund.  I'll give you 30 days to test them out so you hear better yourself - thats the goal.

Who Are these Hearing Aids For?

I want to say I can help everyone with hearing loss but that is just not true.  I can only help those who are serious about:

  1. Saving Money on Hearing Aids - If you already visited the Audiologist and their bill was $2000 and up!

  2. A burning desire to hear better. You want to hear your family, friends and enjoy those grandkids - or just watch TV without blasting it.

  3. You have mild, moderate to severe hearing loss.
  4. Working with an online hearing aid store - Century Hearing Aids.

Now What...Let take Another 10% off Your Hearing Aids!
You've read our story....You've learned the secret to why our hearing aids cost less, you have seen the customer stories, You've seen my 100% Money Back Guarantee - making all of this risk-free.   But none of this matters unless you make a decision to try the hearing aids from us. So here is what I would like you to do now.......We are celebrating our 5th year in business and offering a 10% coupon for all current customers who sign up for our newsletter - (See the 7 Secrets Free Report below)  - as soon as you enter your email and click on the "Get The Free Report" button, you will see a coupon on the very next page.  In the meantime, you can start shopping for hearing aids by scrolling back to the top - or calling me, Jon Stoddard at 888-295-2944.


Jon Stoddard
CEO and Founder
Century Hearing Aids


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PS  II  Call us at today 1-888-295-2944  to discuss your hearing loss. 


People who are in need of hearing aids are faced with a huge problem; audiologists charging thousands of dollars for hearing aids -- some companies charging $6000--$8000 a pair. We did not see how people could afford to spend thousands of dollars on hearing aids, especially when they are in their retirement years.

We founded Century Hearing Aids to provide tremendous savings to customers while providing the highest quality hearing aids. We sell Private Labeled Hearing Aids from the best hearing aid manufacturers in the world. We stand behind the quality of the products we sell. We carry Open Fit, Behind the Ear and In the Ear hearing aids.


90% of hearing aid users experience significant improvements in their quality of life.Kochin, S. MarkeTark VII; Patients report improved quality of life with hearing aid usage, Hearing Journal