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Buy hearing aid batteries online. Size 10, 13, 312 and 675

  • $3.99 Digital Battery Tester

    $3.99 Digital Battery Tester

    Pocket size battery tester Works by sliding battery against a contact LCD read out shows amount of life left in battery
    Our Price: $3.99
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People who are in need of hearing aids are faced with a huge problem; hearing aids cost tousands of dollars -- some companies charging $6000--$8000 a pair. In addition, they require alot of work; people often have to go back 2-3 times to get their hearing aids fitted and prepared. We did not see how people could afford to spend thousands of dollars on hearing aids, especially when they are in their retirement years.

We founded Century Hearing Aids to provide tremendous savings to customers while providing the highest quality hearing aids. We sell Private Labeled Hearing Aids from the best hearing aid manufacturers in the world. Our hearing aids offer the same digital technology and features of a $2000+ hearing aid - for 50 to 75% less. We stand behind the quality of the products we sell. We carry Open Fit, Behind the Ear and In the Ear hearing aids.  Thanks for visiting our website!  Cheers, CHA Team